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What Makes Afrita Unique

Sustainable.  Handmade. Fairtrade.

If you have found yourself on this page it’s probably because you’re wondering why you should buy from us, rather than the normal import or department store down the road.  The main reason – because we care. 

We Care For Our Customers

We care about our customers and ensure that the products that we sell are of the highest quality.  All of our products are sourced from Fair trade suppliers who ensure that their artisans are paid fair wages.  This means that these products aren’t made in a rushed sweatshop, but with care and time by artists who care about the quality of what they produce.

We Care For Our Artisans

As mentioned above, our products are fair trade and sustainable made by incredible artisans.  We seek to help improve fair trading systems around the world, seeking to create a greater level of equity in international trade by providing more beneficial trading conditions to producers and workers, particularly those from developing nations

We Care For Our Planet

By using natural ingredients for our products and working with fair trade practices, we are caring for our planet.  We are helping increase sustainability by promoting dialogue, transparency, and respect between parties involved in the trade.  As well as ensuring a better quality of life for producers, farmers and workers around the world by providing them with a living wage and improved working conditions. This helps to reduce poverty, as well as promote sustainability in global trade. In turn, this leads to greater social justice and economic stability for all involved.

The Handmade, Sustainable Difference

What also makes Afrita unique is that we not only care for all of our customers, artisans and the planet, but we do it in a sustainable way with incredibly beautiful, high quality, products, handmade with love. 

Rather than mass produced goods that can be found in every home, Afrita products are unique in quality as each is handmade.  This means that your purchase not only is helping a local artisan support their family and local community with fair wages, but your home will benefit too from the beautiful unique products they have made

How Can You Get Involved?

Simply put, support businesses who work with fair trade practices and produce sustainable products like our handmade and handcrafted products.  Thankfully, Fairtrade goods are increasingly available in many markets around the world. You can identify Fairtrade products by looking out for the Fairtrade logo or label. This symbol ensures that the products were produced in accordance with fair trade principles, and helps to ensure a positive impact on producers and workers in developing countries. By choosing fair trade products, you are supporting a more equitable global trading system that benefits all involved.

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